Be Careful what you wish for….Conrad Black should keep his Order of Canada

After following the debate closely, I do not believe that Conrad Black should be divested of the Order of Canada. The temptation to remove  him from the Order is palpable. He is a convicted felon in the US. He renounced his Canadian citizenship. And now, he has written yet another tome where his self-serving weaknesses are bared for all to inspect. He is not a very likeable fellow when viewed from afar. His personal history reads like the prayer book in the church of bombast. His language is circumlocutory and tortuous. While the rest of us move from the dining room to the parlour, Mr. Black “repairs”. He is not the same as you and I. Worse, he appears to think that he is better than us....clearly no plan to…
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Welcome to our relaunch!

[caption id="attachment_25" align="alignleft" width="150" caption="(click to view)"][/caption]   Welcome to the relaunch of the brand-new Last June, Yahoo Geocities, my web host, decided to freeze all websites that used Microsoft Front Page because Microsoft stopped supporting Front Page. No warnings - no nothing. So it has taken me until now to relaunch and there is much new material. Watch this space for more comments, opinions and items of interest.
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