Course offerings

2018 – Pick & Choose for Your Agency

Starting in 2018 , I am taking my policy course ‘on the road’.

You can view all of my course offerings from this Dropbox page.

I cover topics such as:

  • engaging funders in policy change
  • understanding civil servants and political staff
  • promoting vertical conversations
  • cost benefit analysis
  • evaluating social programs

Over the years, a number of organizations wishing policy training have looked over my course and chosen a number of modules for me to present to their staff to improve their policy literacy.

The bad news is that there is enough material to deliver 60 hours of policy training. The good news is that you can pick and choose the modules that you find relevant for your staff or client.

Over the years, I have delivered policy training to or on behalf of the Metcalf Foundation, Essential Skills Ontario, the Maytree Foundation, OCASI, the Wellesley Institute and others.

Contact me to talk about your policy training needs.

2017 – Last Class at WoodGreen! Join Now!

New Course begins January 2017 – Download the 2017 Curriculum

All subsequent courses will be ‘mashups’ and purpose driven exercises in policy development.


Richard Shillington’s Flyer_Jan_2016

New course begins January 2016 – Curriculum 2016


New Course begins January 2015 – Curriculum 2015


New course begins January 2014 – Curriculum 2014


New course begins January 2013 – Policy Course Outline 2013

A webinar lecture series hosted by Spotlight on Learning covers some of the topics covered in my policy course:

Starting the Vertical Conversation

Why is Inequality so Hard to Fix?

Cost Benefit Analysis



Policy Course Outline 2012



Policy Course Outline 2011



Course Outline 2010 – Word Doc | Adobe PDF

Click to view the complete collection of the 2010 archived materials.

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