Linda Chamberlain

Linda Chamberlain's Book Poster - Not Any Time Soon1) Pictures:

a. Backyard picture with Linda Chamberlain

b. More pictures of Linda Chamberlain

c. New Poster to accompany book!

d. Linda at WoodGreen AGM

2) Purchase an Electronic version of ‘Linda Chamberlain Scrapbook – Not Anytime Soon‘ via Paypal button below. ( $5.00)

3) The download will start automatically once payment has been received. Thank You!!!

4) Get out of Dodge!

5) May 27, 2013 - Update on Not Anytime Soon

6) Minister Jeffreys – “Tear down this wall

7) Book Launch! Not Anytime Soon – The Life & Times of Linda Chamberlain

8) Book Launch Poster

9) Linda turns 64 on July 3, 2013! Celebrate by singing When I’m 64 on July 3!

10) Linda’s legacy: Guest Blog from Pat Capponi

11:) Linda’s application for Old Age Security


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