Retiring on a low income

Globe & Mail’s Rob Carrick 3 interviews on Seniors in poverty, RRSP’s, and TFSA’s

Seniors living in poverty

Why are RRSP’s so bad for low income retirees?

How does the TFSA benefit low income people as well as the wealthy?

New Booklet: Retirement on a Low income & Maximizing GIS -September 2016

(all in one place with updated info and working weblinks!)

Retirement on a low income & Maximizing GIS

New Presentation Schedule for Fall 2016 in Toronto and Perth Ontario:

Revamped presentation and new material!

Retiring on a Low Income libraries  2016 new oct 30

Perth Ontario September 30

Low income advice on one sheet of paper (inspired by and adapted from Chicago Professor Harold Pollack

one sheet of paper

Learning about taxes and entitlements

Teaching personal income taxes and ownership: Grocery and Retail store analogies

New Presentations at Toronto Libraries -Fall 2015!

Personal Finance Low Income 4 branches

Retiring on a low income -post mortem


The toolkit contains resources for Canadians on planning for retirement on a low income. Some examples relate to Ontario only.

Planning for Retirement on a Low Income

Click on the links to download the resources

  1. Low Income Retirement Planning: Four things to think about
  2. Determining OAS and GIS (Guaranteed Income Supplement) eligibility for people who come to Canada as adults: A toolkit
  3. Maximizing GIS (Guaranteed Income Supplement): A background paper on retirement financial planning for Canadians with very low incomes



Gujarati booklet

Gujarati tool

Simple Traditional Chinese

Chinese booklet

Chinese Tool

English Toolkit

Download the complete kit

Press kit

RRSP’s: A Tally of Advantages and Disadvantages

Abigail – A case study

WoodGreen Presentation:  Retiring on a Low Income, June 11, 2014 – This presentation contains new material


Update2016october-onward: Valid from October 2016 until the next change (possibly) in January 2017

Update2016july-onward : Valid from July 2016 until the next change


Preet Banerjee tells it like it is for low income retirees: from 5:36 to 6:41 – worth a listen! Jan 13, 2015

NEW! Detailed Changes to the 3 booklets and partial New OAS-GIS-Calculation-July 2014 (1)

Update2015fall1Valid from October 2015

Update2015summerValid from July 2015. Worth a look – many changes!

Update2014fall -Valid From October 2014 until next change

Update2014summerfall – Valid from July 2014 until September 2014

Update 2014 winter/springValid from January 2014 to June 2014 (No changes in April 2014)

Update 2013 fall – Valid from October 2013- December 2013

Numbers for summer 2013Valid until September 30, 2013

Numbers for spring 2013 Valid until June 30, 2013


Media and Events

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