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A better way to save 2.6%

Published on February 15, 2017 By johnastapleton

Late last year, some colleagues and I released a report on called ‘The Cost of Poverty in Toronto’. We found that poverty costs the Toronto economy between $4.4 and $5.5 billion per year. For this discussion, I will use a figure of $5 billion. Since Toronto has never been poverty-free and there is no comparable […]

A young person’s guide to a guaranteed or basic income: part 7

Published on April 3, 2016 By johnastapleton

Keeping what’s good from the past “There is a fire burning over the earth, taking with it plants and animals, ancient skills and visionary wisdom. At risk is a vast archive of knowledge and expertise, a catalogue of the imagination, an oral and written language composed of the memories of countless elders and healers, warriors, […]

A young person’s guide to a guaranteed or basic income – Part 5

Published on February 27, 2016 By johnastapleton

The problem of work for a guaranteed or basic income “Although the practical implementation challenges make a GAI reform implausible in Canada, evidence from five North American experiments with a negative income tax style GAI provides some valuable insights. A negative income tax discourages recipients from working because it subsidizes leisure and reduces the marginal […]

A ‘Robin Hood’ Budget for 2016 in Ontario

Published on February 26, 2016 By johnastapleton

“Robin Hood, Robin Hood, riding through the glen Robin Hood, Robin Hood, with his band of men Feared by the bad, loved by the good Robin Hood, Robin Hood, Robin Hood.” In the Budget lockup yesterday, I started to silently sing the Robin Hood song that I learned back in the 1950’s as a kid. […]

A young person’s guide to a guaranteed annual or basic income –Part 4

Published on February 21, 2016 By johnastapleton

Differences in contributions, services and need Now it’s time to talk about rights and human dignity – but I want to set the table first. I’m also not going to repeat too much from the first three entries. I am going to assume you have read them if you are now reading entry #4. In […]

A young person’s guide to a guaranteed annual or basic income – Part 3

Published on February 15, 2016 By johnastapleton

What to do with our emotionally charged income security system To many, a GAI or basic income looks like a bauble or a confection. It’s up there with solving gridlock,  reducing global warming and curing cancer. Easy to want and easy to say – wicked hard to do! The problem with a GAI is not […]

A young person’s guide to a guaranteed annual or basic income –part 2

Published on February 14, 2016 By johnastapleton

A Valentine’s Day gift for benefit designers – a tale of two GAI’s Last week, I self-published: A young person’s guide to a guaranteed annual or basic income[1]. In the Toronto Star on Saturday February 12, there was a lead editorial[2] on Guaranteed and basic incomes that set out the usual cautions about beautiful unicorns […]

City of Toronto Budget Deputation: John Stapleton; Scarborough, January 13, 2016: 6:00 p.m.

Published on January 14, 2016 By johnastapleton

I am a newly minted senior citizen. I have lived in Scarborough for the past 37 years. I am a proud resident of Scarborough but I see a problem. I see the problem of poverty in Toronto. I think that we can and should do more to eradicate poverty in our city Toronto is the […]

Social Assistance in Ontario: Periods of Tumult and Calm

Published on January 3, 2016 By johnastapleton

For the first time in over a year and without much fanfare, the Ontario Government has begun to publish monthly social assistance caseload numbers. One guesses that the reason for the hiatus was the much-reported troubles with their new social assistance computer system called SAMS. The newest figures are for November 2015 and the new […]

Time to look at income security for low income older adults with disabilities

Published on December 27, 2015 By johnastapleton

One of the long term goals I have for Open Policy is to cover all aspects of income security for all age groups for low income people with and without disabilities. This year, Open Policy managed to add a critical piece with the publication of Every Ninth Child in Ontario: A Cost-Benefit Analysis for Investing […]

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