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City of Toronto Budget Deputation: John Stapleton; Scarborough, January 13, 2016: 6:00 p.m.

Published on January 14, 2016 By johnastapleton

I am a newly minted senior citizen. I have lived in Scarborough for the past 37 years. I am a proud resident of Scarborough but I see a problem. I see the problem of poverty in Toronto. I think that we can and should do more to eradicate poverty in our city Toronto is the […]

Doing the BORF: The new world of vacationing Torontonians meeting Americans

Published on March 30, 2014 By johnastapleton

I recently went on a vacation cruise to the western Caribbean as the itinerary included Honduras, Guatemala, Belize and Grand Cayman – four places I had never visited and wanted to experience. Truth in advertising: this was a luxury cruise with a high concentration of prosperous looking white people and a preponderance of Americans. But […]

A Train They Call the ‘District Of Scarborough’

Published on February 17, 2014 By johnastapleton

(To be sung to the tune: City of New Orleans) Riding on the ‘District of Scarborough’ Union Station, Monday morning rail Thirteen cars, two thousand restless riders Two Conductors; we don’t carry mail All along the southbound odyssey – the train pulls out of Kennedy Rolls past malls and condos made of steel Tanker cars […]

Meanwhile back in Toronto – More Fords to come?

Published on February 1, 2014 By johnastapleton

Take a long look at the political structure of Toronto. The reality is that the framework of the city where the mayor gets one vote of 44 will continue to spawn and nurture the Rob Fords of the world. Ford wasn’t the first – Mayor Mel who brought in the army for the snow and […]

Really fast drivers, three Senators, Toronto’s mayor and the emergence of ‘Melford’

Published on November 24, 2013 By johnastapleton

In my original blog (http://openpolicyontario.com/when-zero-tolerance-prevails-very-fast-drivers-three-senators-and-torontos-mayor/), I said that Mr. Ford could win the Toronto election next October if he did just one thing: acknowledge that he is now in a world of zero tolerance and he is being judged according to standards by which everyone else is not judged. He must say that he understands […]

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