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Raj Anand

2005 Legal opinion on Canada’s federal  Spending power – uploaded with permission

Don Stewart

Don Stewart- Canadian War Hero

Metcalf Foundation

Metcalf Newsletter story

Metcalf Innovation Fellow Interview

Family History

Warriors remembered at CNE parade – August 18, 2018

Thinning ranks of WWII veterans – July 7, 2018

75th anniversary of the invasion of Sicily July 10, 2018 – Al Stapleton reminisces

St. Mary’s articles on the commemoration of Arnold Stapleton

Al Stapleton WWII exploits chronicled in the St. Mary’s newspaper

Arnold Stapleton : d. October 15, 1916 at the Somme in France: 100th anniversary – my great uncle

Looked for the Cows and found St. Mary’s: Robert Stapleton of Nissouri reminiscences, The St. Mary’s Journal Argus, June 23, 1938 – my great-great uncle Robert


Michael C. Wolfson, A Guaranteed Income -Wolfson, Policy Options, January 1986

Michael C. Wolfson, The Arithmetic of Income Security Reform., Approaches to Income Security Reform, Shirley Seward and Mario Iacobacci, Halifax: Institute for Research on Public Policy, pp. 41-85, 1987

Provincial Ministers of Social Services, The Income Security System in Canada – Report for the Interprovincial Conference of Ministers Responsible for Social Assistance, aka The ITFASS Report (Interprovincial Task Force on the Administration of Social Security), CICS, 1980

Federal Provincial Social Security Review — Design 265– #265

Federal Provincial Social Security Review V2 -A-D

Federal Provincial Social Security Review V2- E-G

Federal Provincial Social Security Review V2 -VII and Appendix 1


A video of my father, Cpl. Al Stapleton


Pontecorvo, Italy, 2019

The Conceit Song and The original

The Metcalf Foundation