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Metcalf Interview

Metcalf Innovation Fellow Interview

Family History

Warriors remembered at CNE parade – August 18, 2018

Thinning ranks of WWII veterans – July 7, 2018

75th anniversary of the invasion of Sicily July 10, 2018 – Al Stapleton reminisces

St. Mary’s articles on the commemoration of Arnold Stapleton

Al Stapleton WWII exploits chronicled in the St. Mary’s newspaper

Arnold Stapleton : d. October 15, 1916 at the Somme in France: 100th anniversary – my great uncle

Looked for the Cows and found St. Mary’s: Robert Stapleton of Nissouri reminiscences, The St. Mary’s Journal Argus, June 23, 1938 – my great-great uncle Robert


Michael C. Wolfson, A Guaranteed Income -Wolfson, Policy Options, January 1986

Michael C. Wolfson, The Arithmetic of Income Security Reform., Approaches to Income Security Reform, Shirley Seward and Mario Iacobacci, Halifax: Institute for Research on Public Policy, pp. 41-85, 1987

Provincial Ministers of Social Services, The Income Security System in Canada – Report for the Interprovincial Conference of Ministers Responsible for Social Assistance, aka The ITFASS Report (Interprovincial Task Force on the Administration of Social Security), CICS, 1980


A video of my father, Cpl. Al Stapleton


Pontecorvo, Italy, 2019

The Conceit Song and The original

The Metcalf Foundation