Retiring on a low income

2022 Toolkit


Low Income_Maximizing GIS_ Determining OAS and GIS English booklet JULY 2022

Low Income Maximizing GIS Determining OAS and GIS FRENCH booklet APRIL 2022

Low Income Maximizing GIS_ Determining OAS and GIS English booklet APRIL 2022

April to June Update 2022

Low income retirement planning 2022January to March – English Booklet

January to March – Booklet en français

Toronto Public Library presentation, February 15, 2022

2021 Toolkit

October to December 2021 – English Booklet

October to December 2021 – En français

Updated to July – Low Income Retirement English booklet July 2021

Letter to the Prime Minister on GIS

Presentation YouTube for West Scarborough Legal Services: Low income Retirement

2020 Toolkit

Booklet 2020
It includes:

  • Low income retirement planning: Four things to think about
  • Maximizing GIS: A background paper on retirement financial planning for Canadians with very low incomes
  • Determining OAS and GIS eligibility for people who come to Canada as adults

To learn more about retiring on a low income, join John at a workshop. To request a workshop in your community, contact John.

2020 Media

John speaks with Jason Pereira, March 2020 (transcript)

2019 Toolkit

RRSP GIS Calculator tells you how much extra you’ll get if you cash out your RRSP before age 65, a key strategy for low income retirement and GIS access:

Low Income Retirement Planning: Maximizing GIS, Determining OAS and GIS booklet – April 2019

Latest Cheat Sheet – July 2019

Retiring on a Low Income 2019 presentation includes new OAS GIS application form

Don’t tick the box! After 7 years of telling people to tick the box to get GIS – Now you Don’t tick the Box!

2019 Media

Interview with Preet Banerjee, March 7, 2019
Listen to it on Mostly Money or right here:




Simple Traditional Chinese

Workshops – 2014-2019

2019 Workshops in Toronto public libraries:

  • Sept. 16 – Humber Bay
  • Sept. 25 – Don Mills
  • Sept. 30 – Northern District  (set originally for Sept. 10)
  • Oct. 2 – Woodside Square
  • Oct. 10 – Albion
  • Oct. 21 – Malvern

2018 Workshops in Toronto public libraries: flyer

2017 Dates:

2014 Toolkit & Related Publications

Planning for Retirement on a Low IncomeResources for Canadians on planning for retirement on a low income. Some examples relate to Ontario only.

Preet Banerjee tells it like it is for low income retirees: from 5:36 to 6:41 – worth a listen! Jan 13, 2015

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Globe & Mail’s Rob Carrick 3 interviews on seniors in poverty, RRSP’s, and TFSA’s

BC Centre for Elder Advocacy and Support

Media and Events

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